Couples Services


Every relationship is different, but all couples struggle with connecting and communicating at times.  I help couples in the following ways:

  • Private Couples Retreats

  • Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshops

  • Couples Coaching

If you are on this page, you are probably considering traditional couples therapy.  Nonetheless, I strongly encourage you to consider my Private Couples Retreats or my Couples Workshops.  I consistently see them as the quickest and most cost effective solution for improving  your relationship. 


Private Couples Retreats

couple walking lavender

Who it’s for?  Couples struggling with ongoing communication issues and one (or both) partners are burning-out.     

These Retreats are ideal for couples who:

  • Feel lonely, stuck, and hopeless in their relationship 
  • Experienced significant damage in their relationship, such as an affair
  • Are exhausted from trying and are considering couples treatment as a ‘last chance’
  • Needing to see significant change quickly

I help you with:

  • Feeling ‘seen’, ‘heard’ and connected with your partner
  • Understanding the dysfunctional patterns you get stuck in
  • Learning the science behind relationships and applying it to yours. 
  • Interacting in a manner to bring your partner closer, rather than pushing him/her away

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“Hold Me Tight”® Couples Workshops

Hands of man and woman connected through a heart.

Who it’s for?  Couples of all ages, cultures, genders and orientations who want to improve the quality of communication and connection in their relationships.

These Workshops are ideal for couples:

  • with busy schedules
  • wanting to ‘tweak’ communication skills
  • needing a cost-effective option to Couples Retreats

I help you with:

  • Hearing/understanding each other’s perspective better so you can communicate from a place of compassion, not anger
  • Identifying the pattern you two engage in when you fight
  • Recognizing raw spots that may cause a loss of connection
  • Learning how to apologize so that your partner can forgive past hurts

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Couples Coaching

loving couple representing improved connection and communication due to EFT workshop online.

Who it’s for?  This is an exclusive online service I offer only to people who have gone through a Private Couples Retreat or a Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop with me.  Coaching sessions are skill-based, topic-focused, and cost-effective

Couples Coaching is ideal for couples who:

  • Feel apprehensive without temporary ongoing support
  • Want practice to reinforce skills and increase confidence
  • Require intermittent support rather than ongoing therapy

I help you with:

  • Increasing your confidence and making sure you do it ‘right’
  • Maintaining the skills through accountability
  • Learning additional tools and skills as different situations arise
  • Experiencing ongoing feelings of success as you succeed

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