Couples Therapy


2018-07-28 10.24.25Every relationship is different, but all couples struggle with connecting and communicating.  I help couples in the following ways:

  • “Hold Me Tight”® Relationship Enhancement Workshops
  • Premarital, Stable, & Pro-active Couples
  • Lonely Love
  • Couples in Conflict

If you are on this page, you are probably considering traditional couples therapy.  I strongly encourage you to ‘Learn More’ about my Relationship Enhancement Workshops I consistently see them as more cost effective and faster than traditional couples therapy.

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“Hold Me Tight”® Relationship Enhancement Workshops

Who it’s designed for: Couples of all ages, cultures, genders and orientations who want to improve the quality of communication and connection in their relationships.  Specifically, couples:

  • with busy schedules
  • wanting to see change quickly
  • who are hurting so badly, this is ‘a last resort’
  • needing a cost-effective option to traditional weekly sessions

I help you with:

  • Hearing/understanding each other’s perspective better so you can communicate from a place of compassion, not anger
  • Identifying the pattern you two engage in when you fight, allowing you to change that pattern, and then the result
  • Communicating in ways to avoid defenses and keep your partner emotionally close
  • Learning how to apologize so that your partner can forgive past hurts, thereby strengthening your connection
  • Sharing your most vulnerable feelings, knowing your partner is receptive to hearing them

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Premarital, Stable & pro-active Couples

How you are: You feel connected but are wanting to have a deeper understanding of your partner.  As good as things are, you would like to navigate differences more easily and grow even closer.

I help you with:

  • Fine-tuning communication
  • Learning how to get ‘unstuck’ more quickly
  • Nipping negative communication patterns before they get out-of-control
  • Addressing issues from past relationships that might impact this one
  • Communicating about issues of difference (such as parenting styles or culture)

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Lonely Love

How you are: You love each other but your relationship seems burned out, you don’t have much sex, and you act more like roommates than partners.  You are past the fighting and are now in an emotional freeze.  You feel hopeless, lonely and despair.

I help you with:

    • Unlocking the emotions and increasing communication
    • Connecting with one another in a deeper and more meaningful manner
    • Learning how to express yourself without creating more distance
    • Bridging the disconnection between the two of you
    • Improving sexual intimacy

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Couples in Conflict

How you are: You feel like you are constantly arguing.  It’s starting to escalate to the point it’s effecting your mood and other parts of your life.  You are angry, hurt, and overwhelmed.

I help you with:

  • Reducing the conflicts
  • Healing some of the hurts that occurred in this relationship
  • Improving your connection and learning better overall communication
  • Understanding the messages underneath your partner’s words
  • Navigating complicated topics (such as sex, parenting, finances)

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