Couples Retreats

You miss the connection in your relationship.  Looking back, you can remember when you could talk more easily; you felt more heard and noticed by your partner. 

You are willing to do the work, but where is the time?  Between kids, work, and life, how can you ever fit in ‘our time‘ to get your relationship back to where you know it can be?

Possibly you are worried that your relationship is on the brink of ending.  You kept hoping it would get better, but it didn’t.  Now, you are afraid it’s too late.  You need help yesterday.

I get it.  Your relationship is precious and you are ready to put in the work.  An hour of therapy a week just simply isn’t going to work due to the chaos of life or the pain you are in right now.



My Couples Retreats help couples who are ready to make their relationships better and want to make serious change quickly.  For most couples, my Relationship Enhancement Workshops are ideal, but for some, a Couples Retreat may be the better fit.  You might choose my Retreat if:

  • you want my undivided attention on you and your relationship
  • your relationship can’t wait until the next Workshop
  • scheduling is difficult and you need more flexibility
  • you feel uncomfortable to be around other couples
  • privacy is important; you don’t want others in the community to possibly recognize you


a Retreat should be a ‘retreat’

No kids. 

No obligations. 

A time to focus on you and your relationship.

I consciously make the space, indoors and out, beautiful and relaxing.  You will feel comfortable, ‘at home’, and relaxed in the space.  See photos of how your Retreat can look, depending on the time of year you meet with me.


Based on Research

Couples Retreats combine the best from the best.  Couples therapy expert Dr. John Gottman advocated the concept of longer therapy sessions (marathon therapy) to move a couple quicker than traditional shorter sessions.  Another leading couples therapy expert, Dr. Sue Johnson, developed Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and the protocols used in my Retreats.  EFT has a 90% success rate in bring meaningful change in a relationship. 


A Foundation for you to Build On

Your relationship’s issues are different from anyone else’s, so each Intensive is different.   Nonetheless, all Retreats have a foundation of expectations and ‘take-homes’ that you will experience. 

In all Retreats, you will do the following:

  • Diagnose your conflict pattern and the individual triggers you each have that keep that conflict continuing.
  • Explore the messages and fears underneath the reactions you see
  • Learn tools to connect with your partner and reduce conflicts
  • Engage in structured conversations designed to bring you closer
  • Practice communicating to get more connected and less distant
  • Create a Commitment Plan you share with your partner based on what you learned about him/her
  • Return home with tools and strategies to make your relationship stronger


Schedule Your Retreat Now


Choose the Couples retreat that is Right for You

Based on your specific situation, finances, and schedule, there are three different Retreat options.

Couples Foundation   9.5 Hours    $1400

This is an evening plus full day option.  This Retreat is a good base structure for improving your relationship.  It includes all the foundational components listed above. 

Couples Connection     14 Hours     $1800

This is a 2 full-day option.  Your Retreat includes all the foundation components plus the topics of forgiveness and sex. 

We address the injuries and hurts that never seem to heal and keep resurfacing during conflicts.  You learn how to make a successful apology and process an injury where there’s a possibility for forgiveness.

We review your sexual intimacy, noting how you get ‘stuck’ as a couple when you are trying to physically connect.  You discuss your intimacy patterns and I make recommendations based on the issues.

Couples Commitment     17 Hours     $2200

This is the most comprehensive of all the Retreats offered.  In addition to what is provided with the ‘Couples Connection‘, you and your partner will each have an individual session prior to the Retreat and, as a couple, two 30-minute follow-up coaching sessions after the Retreat.

The individual session is your time for your story.  I hear your voice as you describe your family, your fears, and your longings.  If there is something that you don’t feel comfortable sharing in front of your partner, this is your opportunity.  At the end of this session, I ask if there is anything to be kept private and I respect your request.  These individual sessions give me greater access to your individual experience, allowing me to navigate your relationship issues more effectively and successfully. 

The two follow-up coaching sessions are used like you use a personal trainer.  When you get off track or need a review on a strategy, we schedule a coaching session and get you back on track.  I want to work my way out of your life, so we keep it focused on how you are getting stuck and get you back to using the strategies you learned.  

afterwards — Maintaining your momentum

You will leave with skills, understanding, and inspiration.  To maintain the momentum we started, I provide the following, no matter which retreat you choose:

  • Workbook with additional Conversation pages and suggestions for connecting activities so you can continue your work at home
  • Written summary of my observations and recommendations for you and/or your therapist (if you have one)
  • Online video follow-up from me to address questions or concerns
  • Access to supplemental supports I provide (coaching, therapy sessions, etc.) to be used when you need them
  • Subscription to periodic emails with ideas, answers to common questions, and helpful exercises for couples


Scheduled to Make Life Easier

You are drowning in obligations.  Finding time between kids’ activities and work commitments is one more complication interfering with your relationship.  Due to that, I schedule Couples Retreats any time between Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.  Based on the level of Retreat you choose, we work together to find a schedule that will work for you. 

Contact me to Schedule your Retreat


How do I schedule a Retreat?

Contact me and we will discuss your relationship and scheduling needs.

Where is the Couples Retreat held?

The Retreat is at my therapy space in Springfield, Massachusetts.  The inside is comfortably decorated with artwork and calm colors while the outside (when the weather permits) is beautifully landscaped with many ‘couples’ spaces.  You may see photos of the space.

How much is the Couples Retreat?

The cost is dependent on which of the three options listed above you choose.

Does my insurance pay for this?

No.  Insurance does not pay for Retreats.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes.  A 50% deposit is due at the time of scheduling your Retreat.  You may then portion payments as you wish; the remainder of the balance is due the day before we meet.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes.  I accept check, debit, or credit cards.

Is there help after the Retreat?

Yes.  The “Couples Commitment” Retreat includes two 30-minute follow-up coaching sessions with the fee.  Any couple that completes any of my Retreat may schedule (for an additional cost) a 30-minute coaching session to maintain your momentum.  You also may schedule traditional therapy sessions if that feels like a better fit.


Take the first step to a better relationship–Contact me

You are ready to get serious about improving your relationship.

I am ready too.