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Relationships are complicated.

We are drawn to relationships like a moth is to a light. We love the thrill of chemistry, the rush of newly shared experiences, the dance of flirting and learning about one another, and the solidity and ease of an established connection with our partner.

We have all been there, enjoying it while it works, hoping it will last, and wondering what we need to do to be one of those couples who last for decades.

You want help with yours.

Maybe you are looking at this site as you get ready to commit to your partner.  You want to do things right and want to address the ‘little’ things that get swept under the rug before they become so big you trip on them.  Kudos to you for being pro-active!

Maybe you are here due to all those fights you and your partner have over ‘stupid’ stuff.  Different issue, same fight.  Each time you fight, the words feel sharper, scars get deeper, trust becomes thinner, and you are lonelier.  You want to get the tools to bring back the connection and trust that you both miss.

Maybe you are here as you know you are not with the right person but you don’t know how to disengage from them.  You are scared you just might not even deserve better–maybe this is the best partner you will get.  You have to do something, though, as this relationship is sucking you dry emotionally.

Maybe the relationship is over and you are lost in the devastation and pain of its ending.  You are wondering how someone you loved could be so indifferent to your pain.  Your friends don’t know what to say to make it better and you worry it’s you; you just can’t find the right person or you don’t know how to make relationships work.

I get it…each one of these scenarios.

I specialize in relationships…making them stronger, keeping couples connected, empowering individuals to separate in a healthy manner and healing those who have broken-up or divorced.

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