Seeing a therapist is like going to the gym.

You don’t really want to go, but it’s good for you…

(and you might learn to like it!)

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Life has its ups and downs and you can generally handle it. Lately, though, you are getting stressed, as things are getting worse. You have tried to talk with friends, read some books, and look things up on the internet. It’s not enough. Things are not getting better and you are feeling worse.

So now, as one of the last resorts, you are searching for a therapist.

If you are like most people, you have placed several calls to therapists and no one has called you back. It’s hard to stay motivated to get help when it feels like the ‘helpers’ don’t even care.

It’s actually a bit anxiety-inducing to reach out to a therapist; you have so many unspoken questions. “How can a stranger help me?”  “How do I pick a therapist?”  “How do I know it will even work?”


Therapy is hard enough; you want to make sure the therapist is a good ‘fit’ for you.  Look through these pages to learn about me, my practice and what makes me different. 

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