The Therapy Space

I designed my space with you in mind, seriously.  The therapy space was created so that our work does not feel ‘sterile’ or formal.  My goal was to make the space clinical, yet also peaceful, private and comfortable for you.

2018-08-14 14.56.20My therapy space is located in my home; away from the bustle and sterility of an office building and the curious eyes of people you might know in your community.  Parking is easy in the driveway or on the street. 

(Due to it being in my home, I do not provide the street address until it is clear we will be working together.)

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From the moment you leave your car, you enter a2017-09-17 12.20.00-2 calm and beautiful space.  The walkway to the waiting room helps to set the tone.  Your senses are soothed and your are encouraged to momentarily put aside the chaos of daily life.  The waiting room is relaxing and peaceful.


couples therapy home office East Longmeadow

The waiting room

For greater client privacy, my waiting room is located at the back of the property.  Clients enter through the waiting room and leave through the front door, so there is minimal possibility of clients meeting one another (which is nice in a small community).  Sound machines and sound proofing are in the waiting room and restroom to ensure your conversations are kept private.

If a parent or spouse is waiting, he/she cannot hear what is happening in the therapy room.

No one else is at the house while I am working…the house is my office during working hours.


couples therapy home office wilbraham

The therapy room

The therapy room is designed to be visually pleasing and comfortable, so you feel relaxed, ‘at home’, and ready to work!


“Bri has created a safe space where even the most difficult memories, feelings and obstacles seem manageable.” — Kristen


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Lastly, as welcoming as the space is, I realize there may be some situations which make it impossible to physically attend sessions.  Due to this, I provide online video sessions as well.