Individual Therapy & Services

It is biologically essential to our survival that we connect with others.  As individuals, almost all of our distress is related to those connections, such as losing a significant person, managing conflicts with family or friends, or improving oneself (so we feel better about ourselves and around others).  I help individuals with a focus on the following two issues and through my Divorce/Break-up Support Group.


Healing From a Loss:


You are hurting and may be in shock. You are swept up in waves of emotions that you don’t want, you didn’t expect, and you are not sure how to handle. You don’t want to feel all that is swelling up inside; you are afraid if you start to let those feelings out, they may never stopRead more…


Strengthening Yourself:

improving self-esteem, trust, confidence

Your internal voice keeps whispering “you are not good enough”; you worry that you are the cause of your past failed relationships or unsatisfactory friendships.  You are tired of being the person who gives and gives with getting only a smidgen backRead more…

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