Individual Therapy

As a relationship specialist, I help individuals with their relationships. I focus on the following:

Healing From a Relationship Loss
(Including Break-ups, Divorce, Miscarriage, Death, Abortion, Pet-loss)

Strengthening Yourself for a Relationship
(Addressing Self-esteem, Trust, Confidence)


Healing From a Relationship Loss: Break-ups, Divorce, Miscarriage, DEATH, Abortion, Pet loss

People often think that losing a relationship means you had a break-up.  It’s so much more though.  I am speaking about the connection you had with another being and the ending of that connection.  This includes a break-up, but it also includes such things as divorce, miscarriage, pet loss, and death.  Are you trying to navigate some kind of loss?

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Strengthening Yourself for a Relationship: Addressing self-esteem, trust, confidence

We often fall into relationships when we are not quite ready for them.  When we enter relationships prematurely, we may have more insecurities, fuzzy boundaries, and past relationship ‘baggage’.  Sound like you?

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