Strengthening Yourself:

Improving Self-esteem, Trust, and Confidence


Your experience:

Your internal voice keeps whispering “you are not good enough”; you worry that you are the cause of your past failed relationships or unsatisfactory friendships.  It’s tiring to be the person who gives and gives with getting only a smidgen back.  You have learned through experience that bad things happen to good people and you have lost faith and trust in the concept of love and healthy relationships.  Maybe you haven’t dated for years and are anxious (and excited) about dating but have no idea how to start this new endeavor.

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Imagine being able to be free of those nagging self-doubts.  Listening to yourself and saying ‘no’ before you get burned-out or walked over.  Learning what you can from your past relationships and then leaving it where it needs to be–in the past. 

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you want to be putting your best self forward.

I understand that and I can help you do that.

My solution:

We strengthen you with a two-pronged approach:


      • We adjust your perspective of yourself; helping you see the good in you and the strengths you may not have realized.  I teach you ways to manage your emotions and improve your well-being overall.
      • We address the issues that cause the self-doubt, such as a past relationship, trauma, or just repeated negative messages that you believed as the truth about you.  Together, we take those issues head-on, working on them so they no longer have that negative power over you.

We all need healthy connections with others.  Let me help you with yours.

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