Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching is an exclusive service I offer only to people who have gone through a Private Couples Retreats or Hold Me Tight® Online Workshop with me. 

You wanted things to be different in your relationship and you attended a Private Couples Retreat or a Workshop to make that change. You did it! You experienced communication with your partner in a deeper and more genuine manner and left with tools and the workbook in hand. It all made sense, right?

If you are like many people, you left with the best of intentions to apply it and make things different in your relationship.

Maybe you have been practicing and feel competent.  It’s normal that you may hit a bump at times and want some additional support in addressing something successfully.

Or, maybe life got in the way.  Between obstacles such as schedules, apprehension, or your negative cycle tripping you up; you have not been using your skills enough and you are no longer so confident.

It’s like going to the gym and learning a new machine.  You start motivated, it feels good.  But if you don’t practice it, you don’t develop the ‘muscle memory’ to know how to use it when you need it.

Improving Emotional Connection and Communication

My Couples Coaching sessions focus on reinforcing the skills you learned and addressing areas you are stuck.   Coaching sessions give you:

  • supervised practice at recognizing when you get into your cycle
  • greater comfort at going ‘deeper’ emotionally
  • increased confidence that you are able to do this

Couples Coaching is not Couples Therapy

Coaching sessions are skill-based, topic-focused, and cost-effective.  I give you homework to do and review a video of your progress in between sessions at no additional cost.  This keeps you practicing and improving in between our sessions.

Because it’s skill-focused, it will not contradict work you may be doing currently with a couples therapist. If you do not have a current couples therapist and issues arise that require couples therapy, I will identify those and make appropriate recommendations.  

Video Sessions Online

Sessions  are conducted through a secure video connection online, rather than at my office.  This makes scheduling easier and you have the option of recording the session for later viewing. 

How Does Couples Coaching Work?

Couples coaching can only occur after you have attended a Private Couples Retreat or a Hold Me Tight® Workshop conducted by myself.  This ensures you have a basic foundation we can build upon. 

Prior to beginning couples coaching, we hold an Assessment session.  This session clarifies the issue(s) you are wanting to address and assess your knowledge of tools gained/retained from the Retreat or Workshop.

During our coaching session, I will have your relationship information with me to refer to.  You do the communicating regarding your issues and I coach you through it so you are successful.  It will be similar to what you experienced with me before and focuses on you practicing skills and increasing your competence (and confidence).

I may give you ‘homework’ (such as trying a Conversation or engaging in some self-reflection).  As much as you may ‘groan’ about the idea of homework, I do this to assess where you are struggling, push your skills and use our time more efficiently once we meet.

As an added bonus, we will be able to record the session if you want, so that you can review it later.


You may choose between consistent sessions or ‘as needed’.  I want you to learn the skills and develop a better relationship.  Due to that, I will have my recommendations.  In the end, though, the scheduling frequency is your choice.

Are you ready to work on that muscle memory?

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How long are Couples Coaching sessions?

50 minutes.  If we need to extend the time and we all have availability, we can extend it in 30-minute increments and you will be charged accordingly.

How much does a Couples Coaching session cost?

A 50-minute session cost $250 at this time.

If we are meeting online, how do we pay you?

When we meet the first time, we will discuss the best mode for making payment.  You may use checks, Venmo, or a credit card.

Do these sessions have to be online?

Yes.  These are short sessions and it pushes us to be efficient with our time.

Can my partner and I be in separate locations and still do video?

Yes.  Although it is not ideal, as I like you to be able to physically touch one another, it is possible for you to be physically separate during a Coaching session.

Can I have Couples Coaching without attending a Private Retreat or Workshop?

No.  I am sorry but these sessions are designed to reinforce skills couples have already learned.

I attended a workshop with a different therapist. Can I do this?

Possibly.  We would need to meet and I would assess your understanding about your relationship’s negative pattern, raw spots, etc.  If you have a sufficient foundation, then yes.  Otherwise, I would recommend you attend one of my Private Couples Retreats or Hold Me Tight® Online Workshops  to get that foundation.

You have the skills, let’s get you using them!

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