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You are worried about your relationship.  You can’t connect or even communicate about simple things without an argument.  You feel hopeless, not knowing what will make it better.  If things don’t change, this relationship can’t last.  You need to do something and it needs to be fast and effective.   


Having that connection again…

Knowing your partner understands and is there for you… 

Feeling accepted by your partner, even with all your imperfections…

My Hold Me Tight® Workshops ONLINE do just that. 

“We were on the brink of divorce…I almost cannot believe how incredibly effective this was in solving our communication breakdown.  It taught us to see each other’s hidden messages and needs underneath the anger, resentment, and distance that had developed.  I am walking away with a powerful toolbox to tackle any problems or communication breakdowns we may have in the future.”  — Jennifer, Hold Me Tight attendee, 2018

With Hold Me Tight® ONLINE, Make Change Over a Weekend

This Online Workshop is designed to be intense and effective.  Over one weekend, we will meet over 15 hours–the equivalent of almost 4 months of weekly therapy sessions.  Due to the fast learning curve, the weekend structure of this Workshop is ideal for those couples:

  • with busy schedules
  • needing to see change quickly
  • who are hurting so badly, this is ‘a last resort’
  • wanting a cost-effective option to traditional weekly sessions

you will learn tools to help

  • Hear and be heard by each other;  communicate from a place of compassion, not anger
  • Identify your conflict pattern to change it and then the result
  • Communicate to avoid defenses and keep your partner emotionally close
  • Apologize in a manner so your partner forgives past hurts
  • Connect with your partner in a deep and authentic manner like you may never have before

Limited to 3 couples

With only a maximum of two other couples at this Workshop, you are guaranteed consistent attention and support from me during the Weekend. 

You learn as a group online, but each couple goes to a private virtual ‘breakout’ space to do your own personal work.  Your personal information is not shared with anyone unless you choose to share.  These Workshops are designed to keep you feeling comfortable and safe in addressing your relationship struggles.

As much as you may feel shy to attend a Workshop with others, I have heard MANY couples report it’s validating to know you are not alone in this; other couples have similar difficulties.

Upcoming small group Workshop Dates:

  • Apr. 25-25, 2020            (Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-4)    OPEN
  • May 16-17, 2020           (Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-4)    OPEN
  • June 13-14, 2020           (Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-4)    OPEN


Private Retreat

As small as the group is, you don’t feel comfortable having other couples around.  Possibly your relationship needs all the time and attention possible.  Learn how I work with couples privately (this will take you to another site of mine).

What you receive before, during and after the Workshop

  • Pre-Workshop 30-minute session to familiarize you with the technology and address concerns
  • 15 hours of interactive and engaging instruction
  • Safely structured conversations to practice privately with your partner
  • Individualized coaching during the conversations to address your specific relationship issues 
  • Light snacks throughout the day
  • Workbook with exercises
  • Follow-up 30 minute video session to check-in and provide further support
  • Exclusive membership in my private “Hold Me Tight®” Alumnae group on Facebook
  • Optional 4-Page summary of my observations and recommendations sent to your therapist(s)  **for an additional fee


Based on Research

The Hold Me Tight® Workshop was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and is designed around seven conversations based on the Hold Me Tight book, all of which have been shown to be essential to successful relations

The Hold Me Tight® Workshop is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), one of the most successful couples therapy models, designed by Dr. Sue Johnson.  Couples in EFT therapy experience a 75% success rate in turning a marriage from distress to a secure relationship and a 90% success rate in bringing about meaningful change.

“My wife and I were at a standstill; plagued by negative behaviors.  After 2 days, I really feel like we’re in a much better place, feeling connected and understood and heard…something we’ve looked for for a long time.  We’ve been given the tools to reconcile and improve, which I’m thankful for.  Now, it’s on us to do the work.” — Mark, Hold Me Tight attendee, 2018

Take the first step to making your connection better.  Reserve your spot!

   ONLINE Couples workshop

Hold Me Tight® Workshops are held internationally, due to their success.  EVERY couple that has attended one of my Workshops has left in a better space and I am confident you will too. 

“My husband and I each had a lot of unresolved pain.  We love each other and desperately wanted to be there for each other, but felt like we were on separate islands and couldn’t reach each other…Leaving this weekend, my husband and I are so much more connected than I think we’ve ever been.  So much pain has been healed and we’re able to focus on the great love that we’ve always known was there.  I’m so thankful that we did this.”  —  Laurie, Hold Me Tight attendee, 2018

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Where is the Workshop held?

It is ONLINE in a secure virtual classroom.  You will be with two other couples in a general ‘room’ then go to your private virtual ‘break-out’ room during your private Conversations.

What if I don't understand how to do an 'online' thing?

I understand this may be new to you and I want you to succeed.  Due to that, I will meet with you for 30 minutes, prior to the Workshop, for us to practice with the technology and address any questions.

How much is the Workshop?


The ONLINE Workshop fee is $675 per couple.

What is included with the fee?


  • Pre-Workshop Session to meet you and ensure you are comfortable with the technology
  • 15 hours of interactive and engaging instruction
  • Safely structured conversations to practice privately with your partner 
  • Individualized coaching during the conversations to address your specific relationship issues 
  • Shared learning (so you realize you are not alone in this!)
  • Course materials
  • Online video follow-up to check-in and provide further support if necessary  
  • Optional 4-Page summary of my observations and recommendations sent to your therapist(s)  **additional fee of $200
  • Exclusive membership in my private “Hold Me Tight®” Alumnae group on Facebook where you have access to me, my assistant, and other couples who have attended my “Hold Me Tight®” Workshops or Private Retreats.

Are there different payment options?

Yes.  Contact me if you want to attend the Workshop but need to explore your options.

What equipment do I need?

  • Privacy and ability to work without interruptions
  • A camera either in your computer/Ipad or attached separately.
  • (Recommended) HDMI cord to attach your computer to your tv for easier viewing.
  • Good lighting
  • Printer to print up the worksheets I send you for the Workshop.

Will our insurance pay for this?


No. This Workshop is not therapy, so your insurance will not cover it.  I realize this is a significant financial investment; I encourage you to remember the comparable cost and significant time savings this Workshop provides compared to traditional weekly couples therapy.

We can't attend any of the dates for the Workshop! Is there anything else?


Yes.  We can schedule a Private Retreat around your needs.  If you would like to discuss scheduling one of these, contact me.

Is help available if we are still struggling after the Workshop?


Yes.  Most couples feel confident with the tools they have learned and gains made so they do not seek additional therapy.  Nonetheless, if weeks or months later, you want support, you are encouraged to contact me.  We will decide if traditional couples therapy or a more intensive option is the best choice.  Either way, I am always here for you.

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“This Workshop isn’t just for troubled relationships; it can be very helpful to couples who know they have been hurt by past relationships and who don’t want to continue to make the same mistakes but don’t know how to stop the cycle…We have gained knowledge about one another and we feel more confident about our relationship and our future together.”  —  Chris, Hold Me Tight attendee, 2018

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