“Hold Me Tight” Couples Workshops

You are not sure you want to do couple’s therapy–you do know you just want to connect better.  You want to stop arguing about the ‘stupid’ stuff, and if you do fight, you want to get back on track sooner.  My “Hold Me Tight”® Couples Workshops are designed to do just that! 


Over two days, you will:

  • Hear the other person’s perspective to better understand his/her reactions so you can communicate from a place of compassion, not anger
  • Identify the pattern you two engage in when you fight, allowing you to change that pattern, and then the result
  • Communicate in ways to avoid defenses and keep your partner emotionally close
  • Learn how to apologize so that your partner can forgive past hurts, thereby strengthening your connection
  • Share your most vulnerable feelings, knowing your partner is receptive to hearing them


“We were on the brink of divorce…I almost cannot believe how incredibly effective this was in solving our communication breakdown.  It taught us to see each other’s hidden messages and needs underneath the anger, resentment, and distance that had developed.  I am walking away with a powerful toolbox to tackle any problems or communication breakdowns we may have in the future.”  — Jennifer, Hold Me Tight attendee, 2018

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This Is not group therapy

When people hear about a therapist leading a workshop they generally assume it’s group therapy.  You probably do not want to talk about your problems in front of other couples.  You will not be doing that in this Workshop.  So how is it different?

During this Workshop, I work with you as a teacher and a communication coach, rather than a therapist.  And although I am teaching, you do not have to go up in front of the group!  You and your partner practice separately from the others and I work with each couple individually, coaching you to communicate successfully.

Group Therapy vs. Communication Workshop
  • Leader acts as a therapist (exploring feelings, past, etc)
  • Leader gently guides as members talk with each other
  • Meets for 6+ weeks
  • Couples talk in front of others and stay in group
  • I work as a teacher (teaching skills with lecture and videos)
  • I actively coach and direct couples privately to better communicate
  • Meets for 2 days
  • Couples talk privately away from group

“Bri was an incredible instructor and therapist.  She is gentle, patient and understanding and created a really warm and safe environment for us to learn and heal.  I would recommend doing this workshop with Bri to anyone who is in love.”  —  Deanne, Hold Me Tight attendee, 2018


based on research

The “Hold Me Tight”® Workshop is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), one of the most successful couples therapy models, designed by Dr. Sue Johnson.  Couples in EFT couples therapy experience a 75% success rate in turning a marriage from distress to a secure relationship and a 90% success rate in bringing about meaningful change.

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Change over a weekend!

This Workshop is designed to be intense and effective.  Over one weekend, we will meet over 14 hours–the equivalent of 3 months of weekly therapy sessions.  Due to the fast learning curve, the weekend structure of this Workshop is ideal for those couples:

  • with busy schedules,
  • wanting to see change quickly
  • whose relationship cannot last long enough through several months of therapy

Upcoming Weekend Workshop Dates:

  • July 21-22, 2018
  • September 29-30, 2018
  • November 17-18, 2018


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You are investing in your relationship

People get apprehensive to commit a weekend or $450 to a workshop. When compared side-by-side with weekly couples therapy, the “Hold Me Tight”® Workshop is more cost and time efficient. Even if insurance is used, the cost savings is minimal and the time investment is significantly greater than attending the “Hold Me Tight”® Communication Workshop.

Hold Me Tight® Workshop Self-Pay vs. Weekly Couples Therapy     Self-Pay Weekly Couples Therapy Insurance
14 hours focused directly on your communication and connection Treatment Focus 14 weekly appointments focused on whatever is brought up by the couple from the past week 14 weekly appointments focused on whatever is brought up by the couple from the past week
1 weekend                           (14 hours)                              at $450 Cost 14 appointments                         (3 ½ months)                                 at $125 a session 14 appointments                         (3 ½ months)                                 at $30 co-pay
1 weekend = $450 Total 3 ½ months = $1,750 3 ½ months = $420

The Workshop consistently transforms couples’ relationships over the one weekend.  Due to that, couples often do not need weekly therapy sessions afterwards.  A few might want follow-up.  If you do, then private appointments may be scheduled with me to enhance and solidify the skills gained from the Workshop.


“My husband and I each had a lot of unresolved pain.  We love each other and desperately wanted to be there for each other, but felt like we were on separate islands and couldn’t reach each other…Leaving this weekend, my husband and I are so much more connected than I think we’ve ever been.  So much pain has been healed and we’re able to focus on the great love that we’ve always known was there.  I’m so thankful that we did this.”  —  Laurie, Hold Me Tight attendee, 2018


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Common Questions:

How much is it and what is included with the fee?   The Workshop fee is $225 per person and includes:

  • 14 hours of interactive and engaging instruction
  • Safely structured conversations to practice with your partner, away from other couples
  • Individualized coaching during the conversations to address your specific relationship issues
  • Light snacks throughout the day
  • Course materials
  • Follow-up email to check-in and provide further support if necessary 

“[The] transformation was miraculous to me! My husband has been unlocked and I think he is relieved beyond what he could ever have imagined! I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for us! We still have our work, but I feel so much better about actually getting somewhere with it now – it will finally be worth all the energy! Bri is an incredibly insightful therapist and it really shows that she deeply cares about her work with people.”  —  Hold Me Tight attendee


Will our insurance pay for this?  This Workshop is not therapy, so your insurance will not cover it.  I realize this is a significant financial investment; I encourage you to remember the cost and time savings this workshop provides compared to traditional weekly therapy.


We can’t attend any of the dates for the Workshop!  Is there anything else?  Yes.  I can schedule an individualized workshop around your needs.  If you would like to discuss scheduling and costs for an individualized workshop, email me.


What if we are still struggling after the Workshop?  Most couples feel confident with the tools they have learned and gains made so they do not seek additional therapy.  Nonetheless, if you want additional couples therapy, contact me afterwards to schedule an appointment.


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“This workshop isn’t just for troubled relationships; it can be very helpful to couples who know they have been hurt by past relationships and who don’t want to continue to make the same mistakes but don’t know how to stop the cycle…We have gained knowledge about one another and we feel more confident about our relationship and our future together.”  —  Chris, Hold Me Tight attendee, 2018


Your time is valuable—your relationship is precious.


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