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You are worried about your relationship.  Lately, you can’t connect or even communicate about simple things without an argument. 

You feel hopeless, not knowing what will make it better.  If things don’t change, this relationship can’t last. 

You need to do something and it needs to be fast and effective.   


Having that connection again…

Knowing your partner understands and is there for you… 

Feeling accepted by your partner, even with all your imperfections…

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My Hold Me Tight® Workshops Online do just that. 

“We were on the brink of divorce…I almost cannot believe how incredibly effective this was in solving our communication breakdown.  It taught us to see each other’s hidden messages and needs underneath the anger, resentment, and distance that had developed.  I am walking away with a powerful toolbox to tackle any problems or communication breakdowns we may have in the future.”  — Jennifer, Hold Me Tight attendee

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Two hands holding signifying improved connection, better communication, and less conflicts after attending an online hold me tight workshop for lgbt couples and lesbian couples.

My Hold Me Tight® online Workshops are Not What You Expect

When you think of ‘Online’, I am guessing you are imagining endless hours of watching a screen.  Boring and monotonous, it’s hard to get much out of it.

I get that, so I make my Online Workshops different.

My Workshops are:

NOT  Hours of screen time

The presentation portion of this Workshop is less than half the total time!

More than half the time is focused on you practicing the tools with your partner (and getting a few breaks so you can stay motivated and energized).

View Details and the Schedule Here


NOT  Boring

I love teaching and know I need to keep this interesting for you to learn.  The presentation portion is a mixture of lecture, video clips, and interaction with you.

NOT  Too ‘technical’ OR difficult

An online workshop is different from a FACETIME call with a friend.  I want to make sure you feel comfortable with the technology. 

Due to that, I schedule a 30-minute video session with you, prior to the Workshop.  During that time, we practice the technology to make sure you are comfortable and discuss your relationship concerns.

Happy couple looking at ipad. This signifies relationship and marriage help during COVID with online hold me tight relationship enhancement workshop for couples.

My Hold Me Tight ONLINE Workshops:

ARE  Based on Science

Designed by Dr. Sue Johnson, the Hold Me Tight® Workshop is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), one of the most successful couples therapy models. 

Couples in EFT therapy experience a 75% success rate in turning a marriage from distress to a secure relationship and a 90% success rate in bringing about meaningful change.

ARE  Fast and Effective

I have worked with couples over 20 years and have seen what works.  By working with you intensely over two days, the skills you learn keep building on one another.  The format of two consecutive days prevents backsliding and helps you go deeper and farther.  Every couple that attends one of these Workshops leaves in a better place.

ARE  Private

You learn as a group online, but each couple goes to a private virtual ‘breakout’ space to do your own personal work.  Your personal information is not shared with anyone unless you choose to share.  

ARE  Limited to 4 Couples

I assist every couple through every conversation over the weekend.  I do this so you learn the tools and leave with confidence.  Due to that, I must keep the size small.  You benefit from much attention and I benefit from knowing this is a quality ‘product’ for you.

ARE  Inclusive

My Workshops are designed for all relationships.  I am respectful of cultural, racial, and ethnic differences.  Same-sex couples are welcomed and I schedule Workshops specifically for lesbian relationships.


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With Hold Me Tight® Online, Make Change Over a Weekend

This Online Workshop is designed to be intense and effective.  Due to the fast learning curve, the weekend structure of this Workshop is ideal for those couples:

  • with busy schedules
  • struggling with conflicts and need communication tools
  • wanting a cost-effective option to traditional weekly sessions

“My wife and I were at a standstill; plagued by negative behaviors.  After 2 days, I really feel like we’re in a much better place, feeling connected and understood and heard…something we’ve looked for for a long time.  We’ve been given the tools to reconcile and improve, which I’m thankful for.  Now, it’s on us to do the work.” — Mark, Hold Me Tight attendee

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You learn tools to:

  • Hear and be heard by each other;  communicating from a place of understanding, not anger.
  • Recognize your conflict pattern so you reduce conflicts.
  • Communicate to avoid defenses and keep your partner emotionally close.
  • Apologize effectively so old issues are put to rest.
  • Connect with your partner in a deep and authentic manner like you never have before.


Have a Few More Questions, such as:

  • The schedule?
  • The cost and what you get for the fee?

See the Schedule & Learn More Details Here


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“This Workshop isn’t just for troubled relationships; it can be very helpful to couples who know they have been hurt by past relationships and who don’t want to continue to make the same mistakes but don’t know how to stop the cycle…We have gained knowledge about one another and we feel more confident about our relationship and our future together.”  —  Chris, Hold Me Tight attendee


Due to widespread success, Hold Me Tight® Workshops are held internationally.  EVERY couple that has attended one of my Workshops has left in a better space.

I am confident you will too. 


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Want a Private Retreat Option?

As small as the Workshop group is, maybe you don’t feel comfortable having other couples around.  Possibly your relationship needs all the attention possible and you want to work with me ‘in-person’. 

Learn how I work with couples privately (this will take you to another site of mine).


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