Divorce/Break-up Support Group for Women

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Your head swims with the same thought, over and over, “How am I going to get through this?”

Worries  swirl around you: how it will impact the kids…who will stay your friends…how will you financially survive.

You didn’t see this coming. You replay conversations in your head, re-read messages on your phone, look through all those happy photos…wondering, “Where did it go wrong?

No one wanted to be the bad guy, but maybe you were the one who finally ended it. It was an agonizing decision but now you bear the brunt of their anger and pain. Yet, you are hurting too.

Your friends and family think they are helping when they tell you how awful your ex is, but it actually makes you angry, defensive and a little foolish. And if they think your ex is so bad, then you certainly can’t share that you actually miss your ex. You feel misunderstood by them and ashamed at yourself for wishing you could get back together with your ex.  Craziness!

Maybe people don’t ask you how you are doing anymore. You are afraid you cried on their shoulder too many times, called in emotional panic once too often and now they are done. Your fear of burdening them too much has come true.

There are those glimmers of hope, looking forward to a new beginning…a new life….and then you feel guilty for being ‘happy’ about the breakup.

And just when you can feel that little bit of relief, something happens, a memory is triggered, and then the tears come…again.

You are tired of this emotional roller coaster….tired of caring about this…tired of thinking about this. You just want your ‘happy’ back.

As alone as you feel, you don’t have to be.

Divorce/Break-up Support Group for Women

Together, as a group, we can get through this emotionally overwhelming process to the other side. You will gain friendships, share experiences, and give support to others. This is a space for you to just be you and to be with others experiencing similar challenges.

When:  Every Tuesday; 12 – 12:50 PM

Where:  Video group through ZOOM

Cost:  $30 per meeting if paid monthly; $35 per meeting if paid individually



What will we do?

We will navigate the complexities of ending a relationship, whether it be a break-up or a divorce. We will support the emotional process, strategize regarding the logistics, and celebrate the achievements, as small as they might be. There may be optional homework and resources such as books, videos, and podcasts will be shared.

How much is it?

It’s $30 per meeting if paid in advance monthly.  Otherwise, it’s $35 per meeting.

Will my insurance pay?

No.  Insurance does not pay for support groups.

Where do we meet?

This group meets online through video.  We use ZOOM, a format used by businesses for video conferences.  You can access it on your phone or computer just by clicking on a link once it’s installed.

What if I can’t figure how to do the video?

You will.  You and I will practice ZOOM before you join the group, so you will feel confident and comfortable about using it.

Why video?  Why not in person?

It can be hard to get to a group due to scheduling, location, weather, child-care, etc.  Video allows you to speak from the privacy of your home or anywhere in comfort and ease.  I want to avoid the stress of traffic and scheduling the babysitter…this is YOUR time so I am making it work for you.

How long does the group run?

The group is ongoing, as long as there is interest.  I generally take a week off once every 6 weeks, so there is a routine ‘break’, but the group resumes after my break.

Do I have to be in therapy?

No.  You do not need to be in therapy to attend this group but I  encourage you to continue seeing your therapist if you already have one.  This group is meant to supplement individual therapy, not replace it.  I may recommend you find a therapist if I think it might be beneficial, but being in therapy is not required to join this group.

How do I get into this group?

Contact me.  I will speak with you on the phone.  If it seems like a good ‘fit’, then we will set up a time to meet via ZOOM so you can practice with it and ensure that it will work for you.


Divorces and Break-ups are bewildering, exhausting, and isolating.

You want to ‘get your happy back’; we can help you get there.