Premarital, Stable, & Proactive Couples

You are one of those lucky couples that not only love one another, you are in love! When you reach for your partner, you know he or she is there for you. You think about your partner and you smile. You even make others smile when they see you two together! It is exciting to be in love and you savor the connections you two have.


As perfect as things are, it is common that ‘healthy’ couples or couples in premarital relationships want couples therapy for the following reasons:

You have been through a bad relationship or two, like most of us. Scars were tan couplecreated, distrust was instilled, and you have some fear that “What if it happens to this one too?” You have learned from experience that ignoring issues doesn’t work in relationships; you are wanting to ‘unpack your relationship baggage’ and address past hurts so they don’t create problems in your current one.

Your current relationship is healthy, but you are human and you still get into small conflicts. It scares you a bit that this could happen, even in this strong relationship. When those miscommunications happen, you feel ‘stuck’. You want to learn how to move from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck’ quickly and effectively so that these tiny misunderstandings won’t become something bigger in the future.

As much as you love one another, you may just have some fundamental differences. Love crosses races, cultures, politics, religions, and a myriad of identities. Nonetheless, you want to improve your communication skills to be able to respect and navigate those differences in a supportive and loving manner.


How I Help You

I recognize your relationship is precious and that you want to make a good thing better. By improving your communication now, it strengthens your foundation for later.   I work with ‘Premarital and Stable Couples’ in two phases:

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Phase 1. I educate you about relationships and provide the framework to address past relationship hurts and the inevitable ‘stuck’ moments in my “Hold Me Tight”® Relationship Enhancement Workshop. This workshop helps you learn deeper truths about your partner. It gives you the communication structure that encourages the expression and responding essential for a healthy relationship and tools to manage the moments when you feel disconnected or have hurt your partner.

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Optional Phase 2. The majority of my clients’ relationships are in such a better place after the Workshop, that weekly sessions are not needed.  If you decide to have some follow-up sessions or intermittent ‘tune-ups’ to strengthen your connection and communication, that is possible.

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Skillful communication makes the difference. As the years go on and you successfully navigate difficult conversations and inevitable conflicts, you will be more resilient as a couple, more authentic with your partner and more assured of the longevity of this relationship.



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