How Do I Choose Which Hold Me Tight® Workshop to Attend?

You have heard about the “Hold Me Tight”® Workshop.  You are hopeful it might make the difference in your relationship.  This is a big decision; you want to get this right.

Whether you attend my Workshop or one presented by another, consider the following questions to make the best choice that is right for you.


Questions to consider:

How many couples will attend? The more couples at a workshop, the less attention each couple will receive and quieter couples may end up lost in the crowd.

I purposefully keep my Workshop limited to a maximum of 4 couples. This low number guarantees I get to know each couple on a personal level.  More importantly, during the Workshop, you are assisted during every Conversation. 

How comfortable is the space? A weekend is a long time and you are sharing personal and difficult conversations. The space needs to be private and conducive to connecting.

While attending an online Workshop, you are in complete control of your space.  One of the greatest benefits of doing a Hold Me Tight® Workshop online is that you control where you are, whether at home, a luxury resort, or a cozy get-away.  Wherever you choose to be, I encourage you have creature comforts nearby: munchies, drinks, pillows and even pets.

“Hold Me Tight”® is based on 7 Conversations; are all the Conversations presented? Surprisingly, some workshops do not include the essential Conversations related to handling rocky moments or sexuality.

This Workshop is based on the premise that there are 7 Conversations couples need to have to be successful in their relationships. That is the Workshop protocol that Dr. Sue Johnson established and in my Workshop, I cover all 7 Conversations.

How will the work you do be shared with your individual or couples therapist? The Workshop will teach you a lot about yourself and your relationship. This information is helpful if you are working with other therapists.

I want your therapist to know your gains. With your permission, I contact your therapist to discuss what you learned.  

What kind of follow-up and continued support is provided? Couples do well at these workshops…away from the stress of home and under the supervision of a therapist. The work continues at home, though, and couples often need supports as they navigate their old patterns with new tools.

In my opinion, the follow-up and support is the most critical. It doesn’t matter what you learned if you forget it after the weekend. Because I want you to succeed, I have 3 components to help you take home what you learn:

  1. During the first week, I send a follow-up email to address questions/concerns.
  2. Then, during the second week, I meet with you for a 50-minute video session to review your use of the tools.
  3. And finally, you are then eligible to participate in video coaching sessions with me that strengthen your ability to do these Conversations on your own. This paid service can be accessed as frequently as you and your relationship needs.

“Hold Me Tight”® Workshops are amazing, powerful, and transformational. 

As great as they are, they are not all alike. 

I share this with you, because I want you to succeed.