“Hold Me Tight” Weekend Details

Although you know the Workshop is not group therapy, you are still not quite clear what the space looks like or how the days will unfold.  The Workshop protocol is designed around learning and practicing the 7 Conversations needed for couples to be successful

Below, the GROUP and PRIVATE portions of the Workshop are described as well as the schedule for both days.   


The lecture/video portion is done in a group format.  Each topic is covered with a mixture of lecture and video clips so that it’s clear, interesting, and you can relate the information to your own life.  Couples sit along side one another in a comfortable space and enjoy the beverages and snacks provided.  You may ask questions during this time or respond to the content, but that is not required.


A critical part of this workshop is having Conversations privately with your partner.  This is where amazing 2018-08-04 15.43.03insights and connections happen.  After each lecture/video portion, you have Conversations with your partner following a structured outline I provide. 

Couples will go to separate spaces for these Conversations.  If it’s nice weather, couples tend to go outside into my beautifully landscaped space where you can nestle in the wooden swing, relax in Adirondack chairs or settle at the table under the pergola.  It’s a large space so privacy is ensured. 

If it’s uncomfortable outside, couples go into separate spaces inside.  There are three separate rooms with doors and tw2018-08-05 08.40.50o other rooms that are designed for privacy.  Background music and sound machines ensure your Conversations are kept private.


I support your success in your private Conversations by rotating through the couples individually.  I ensure you both are getting the most from the practice by:

  • Slowing you down if you start to engage in unhelpful patterns
  • Guiding you through the structured Conversation so you stay on topic
  • Ensuring you BOTH feel safe to talk and be heard by the other



Below is the schedule for both days, (note the colors for ‘GROUP‘ and ‘PRIVATE‘).

Saturday Agenda  (9-5)
Morning   Afternoon
Introductions   Finding Our Raw Spots
The Science of Love   Conversation 2
Assessment and Strengths Exercise   Break (15 min)
Break (15 min)   Revisiting a Rocky Moment
Recognizing Our Negative Cycles   Conversation 3
Conversation 1   Review
Lunch (1 hour)   Positive Sharing


Sunday Agenda (10-4)
Morning Afternoon
Hold Me Tight Bonding Through Sex and touch
Conversation 4
Conversation 6
Break (15 min)
Break (15 min)
Forgiving Injuries and Trusting Again
Keeping Your Love Alive
Conversation 5
Conversation 7
Lunch (1 hour)
Positive Connecting Exercise



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